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Okay, I hope everyone reading this will be mature. Jeff The Killer is a badly written creepypasta. While it is fun to utilize Jeff as a character for things, he is still an awful character that is overrated. I am creating a special type of Rewritten version, that will  feature other pastas later on, called Jeremy's Horror Blog which will center around a guy named Jeremy who deals with creepypastas and what not. His first pasta he has to deal with is "Jeffery The Split-Mouth Killer." a ghost version of Jeff that is inspired by an ancient Japanese spirit called "The Split-Mouth Woman". Here is a link to the DA Page: jeremys-horror-blog.deviantart…     I am currently working on the first post.
My Jeff The Killer Rewrite
Please go and follow the blog! Also, if you have any questions about it that you are not asking Jeremy, the blogger, himself, ask them HERE!! If they are for Jeremy, ask him them on his blog! 
((Pre-Sgrub Alternia))

(Kanaya's POV) 

You were busy out in the desert when you noticed a shape. You ran towards it, chainsaw ready when you realized it was a troll!
"Hello? Are You Alright?" You called out, careful not to get to close.
"Ah, hello! Yes, I am alright. Just got lost after a mishap with some weird thing I found!" He said, turning towards you and revealing he was some sort of purple blood.
"Ah, Well, I Am Kanaya Maryam! Pleased To Meet You." You said as you reached a hand out.
"I am Teerth Aiziel!" He replied, smiling and taking your hand. 
"Do You Need Somewhere To Stay? I Live Nearby." 
"Thank you! I will have to find a way home tomorrow." He said, blushing lightly as you held his hand and pulled him towards your hive.
"Right This Way." You said, as you neared your hive.
"I-it is beautiful! Much nicer than most hives. I must admit, troll fashion is quite boring!" 
"R-really?" You were shocked that a troll that wasn't jade blooded actually liked fashion.
"I don't know much about fashion or art but I love what the jade bloods do." He smiled, quite flustered.
(Teerth's POV)
Your face was an intense purple as she led you in and explained her interests in fashion and rainbow drinker novels. 
"The inside is beautiful too." 
"Hm? Oh Thank You." She blushed lightly, turning back and showing you more of her home.
"Could you design me an outfit?" 
When you asked that you saw her eyes light up as she turned to you and smiled, nodding.
"I Would Love To!" She said, running to her workstation.
You sat on the cloth pile, smiling as she worked, designing a new outfit for one of her friends.
"It is quite marvelous, Kanaya, darling." You had started to talk like her, being around her almost all the time. 
You pretty much lived with the jade-blooded troll, only leaving to check on your lusus.
"Thank You, My Love. But It Is Missing Something." She turned back to her work for a few moments, as you watched.
She turned away from it.
"I Must Take A Break. My Word, You Really Need A Hair Cut!" She said, running towards you and looking at your hair.
"Oh, well, could you cut it?" You questioned, smiling towards her.
"Of Course I Can." She said as she got out her hair cutting gear and led you to the chair. 
"You are the most wonderful matesprit in the world." You said as she started cutting your hair.
Troll!Dtr0n X Kanaya: Matesprits
Sorry if this is badly written. It is a gift for myself.
((Pre-Sgrub Alternia))

(Nepeta's POV)

You smiled as you leaped at your pray, a small rodent-like creature. It scurried away and you chased after it, claws ready. You jumped once more and fell through some bushes into a field, as you saw a blue-blooded troll shooting a rifle at some targets. 
"Hello!" You yelled, getting up and dusting yourself off.
"Hm?" The blue-blooded troll turned around, putting the rifle away.
"I'm Nepeta Leijon. And you are?" 
"I'm...I'm Dhalst Leocah." He reached his hand out, looking a little nervous.
"Hee. Mew seem nervous." You replied as you shook his hand.
"Well, I don't talk to many other trolls, let alone ones with claws and cat-like agility." He scratched the back of his head. 
"I won't hurt mew, I swear. My moirail is a blue blood too." 
"Oh really? What is he like?" 
"Well, he is big and strong. He drinks lots of milk and has to carry lots of towels." 
"He sounds kind of silly." He replied, smirking.
"He is." 
"Well, can I come hang out with you? I didn't realize it was already close to night time." 
"Sure, I wouldn't want mew to get killed by a wild lusus." You smiled and took his hand, walking towards your cave.
"Th-Thank you." He blushed.
(Dhalst's POV)
You looked around Nepeta's cave, intrigued by it. It wasn't like any other hive you've seen!
"What do mew think of my hive?" 
"It is interesting." 
"Thank mew!" The cat-troll replied, smiling cutely.
She is beautiful. 
"Is there blood on me?" She said as she spun around, slowly.
"N-no." You said, blushing a little.
"Come sit over here with me! I will cook us some food!" 
You sat next to her, smiling.
She was rather beautiful.
You ran through the forest quickly, looking for the cave that your matesprit dwelled in.
"Over here!" You heard her yell, as you turned.
"I never could spot this place" You said as you blushed a bright blue. 
"Hee hee." She laughed, beckoning you to come over.
You walked over to her, smiling. 
"I already made some food. I figured me and mew could eat then cuddle!" 
"I would love that." 
Troll!jefferywoods332 X Nepeta: Matesprits!
I apologize for how bad I am at writing Nepeta. A gift for :iconjefferywoods332:
((Pre-Sgrub Alternia)) 

(Solluxs POV)

You didn't want to go outside but you needed food. As you passed by a park you saw another psiionic?! That was a rare thing in this part of Alternia. It wasn't impossible though. You thought about talking to her and decided not to, sadly it was too late and she noticed you. 
"Hello!" She said, smiling. 
"Um, hii." You replied, grumbling to yourself.
"I'm Cellia Aviord!" She put out her hand.
"II'm 2ollux...2ollux Captor." You shook her hand, wondering why she was so happy. 
"It is rare to meet another Psiionic, so I am very happy to meet you!" 
She was kind of cute, you thought.
(Cellia's POV)
"Could I walk with you?" You were ecstatic to meet another psiionic, and, you have to admit, he is kind of attractive. 
"II 2uppo2e 2o. II am goiing to get groceriie2." He said, his lisp being very noticeable and kind of cute in a way. 
You both walked to the nearest store, talking about video games and computers the whole way. When you got to the store, you noticed he even ate the same food you normally ate, mostly Ramen Noodles, great for late night coding or gaming. 
"What ii2 your favoriite kiind?" He asked, surprising you.
"Oh, um, beef." You smiled, watching as he grabbed a box of it. 
"Want t-to have diinner wiith me or 2omethiing?" He said, putting the box in his basket.
"Sure. I'll buy us some drinks for the dinner." You grabbed a couple of 2 liters of Dr. Pepper.
"Niice ta2te iin 2oda." He replied, buying his items then moving out of line.
"Nice taste in food." You smirked, buying the sodas then following him out of there.
You woke up and quickly got dressed, heading towards the other psiionics house. You had been matesprits for about 3 months and tonight you were going to have a picnic at the park where you first met. You were super excited as you knocked on his door.
"Hello!" He said, smiling.
"I'm here for the picnic." You smiled back and kissed him, wrapping your arms around him before pulling away.
"II've got everythiing ready. Let2 go!" He grabbed your hand and you headed to the park, carrying a basket in your other hand.
(Sollux's POV)
You wrapped your arms around Cellia, looking up at the stars as you both cuddled.
"II am 2o happy we met." You said, kissing her on the cheek.
"I am too" She said as she started to doze off in your arms.

Troll!Radiant Poet X Sollux: Matesprits!
This is a gift for my friend :iconradiantpoet: 
I noticed that all my characters are Mary-Sues so I am going to shut down everything and rewrite some. So it will take a while before I post something new! Sorry!
  • Listening to: Broadway Karkat
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Nothing
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  • Drinking: Root Beer
I noticed that all my characters are Mary-Sues so I am going to shut down everything and rewrite some. So it will take a while before I post something new! Sorry!
  • Listening to: Broadway Karkat
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Root Beer


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